Projects by Signature Floors in Salt Lake City UT

City Creek: Custom Walnut Parquet and Plank 4 PHOTOS


Walnut Floors Anchor Sky High Condo

Acres of hand-textured, oil finished Walnut parquet flooring provide a grand scale foundation in this elegant living area. Kudos, as always to our partners-in-trade, Richard Marshall Fine Flooring, manufacturers of this incredible product. City Creek Condos. Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo: Michael Price

Whitney: Very Wide-Plank Quarter-Sawn Oak 3 PHOTOS


Whitney - Park City, Utah

This wide plank floor lends warmth and substance to an expansive landing area. Richard Marshall quarter sawn white oak flooring. Golden tone stain finished with multiple coats of oil and buffed until glowing.

Rift and Quartered Oak Refurbish 4 PHOTOS

Salt Lake City's Avenues and Sugar House neighborhoods feature some of Utah's oldest homes, the vast majority of which still showcase their original design details. In nearly all of these homes, the original flooring was 2" wide, rift and quartersawn oak. This method of milling oak is less commonly used in flooring today, as it demands a higher price tag over its traditionally cathedral-grained counterpart.

In addition to being harder than plain-sawn oak, the rift and quartered cut is the only way to see the amazing figuring (sometimes called "flecking") that can occur within oak lumber. As you can see in these images, old-growth oak features an astounding amount and depth of figuring, lending an immediate air of fine craftsmanship, exclusivity and dignity to the flooring industry's most commonly used species of hardwood.

Photos: Michael Price.

Rift and Quartered Oak Refurbish

Most species of wood used in hardwood flooring have some special feature that is only available when the lumber is quartersawn. Every species will showcase tight, vertical grain. Maple figuring can result in "flaming" or a "tiger-stripe" pattern perpendicular to the grain structure; walnut will normalize in color almost completely.

Quarter-sawn oak boasts organic, cross-grain patterns of figuring and flecking that have remarkable depth. The vertical grain structure is still clearly visible.

Golden Tone Wide-Plank Oak 5 PHOTOS


Wide-Plank Oak

This classic oil-finished white oak floor from Richard Marshall would stand as a gorgeous center feature by itself, but what really makes this project special is the floating staircase. White oak is a forgiving canvas when it comes to color and texture options; the slightly golden tone accentuates the natural warmth of the species. Contrasting the timeless look of wide-plank oak with modern lines and the decidedly contemporary staircase makes this project a standout by any measure.

Wire-Brushed Wide Plank Oak 6 PHOTOS


Wire-Brushed Wide Plank Oak

This beautiful wide-plank, long-length white oak floor was textured (including wire-brushing), colored and finished by Richard Marshall.

Photo: Michael Price

Richard Marshall Walnut Plank Renovation in Park City, Utah 5 Photos

Signature Floors installed this rustic walnut beauty in 2012. The floor received a maintenance renovation this year.

We applied Richard Marshall's Olde Board Coat-of-Arms product.

Furlong: Wide-Plank Walnut 5 PHOTOS

Richard Marshall wide-plank, hand-textured walnut flooring in Heber.



Painted Sky: 5" Grey Walnut 12 PHOTOS

5" Richard Marshall custom-stained and textured walnut hardwood flooring.

Painted Sky - Park City


Shadow Mountain Walnut Flooring 5 PHOTOS

How do you add warmth, texture and balance to a modern home rife with architectural angles and contemporary metal and concrete work? You set it all against a backdrop of rich Walnut flooring.


Shadow Mountain Walnut Flooring

Subtle texture and multi-step stain process results in a rich mink tone, perfectly complimenting the contemporary take on rustic design.

Photo: Colette Duran.

Wide-Plank Hickory Couples With Mountain Eclectic Design 5 PHOTOS

Blissfully wedded: This 5, 6 & 7" random width hickory floor to its mountain eclectic surrounds.

Wide-Plank Hickory Couples With Mountain Eclectic Design

A feast for the senses, this bar/gaming/media center features subtly textured hickory floors. Each plank has gently eased edges and ends that define each piece as individual works of art.

Sapele Custom Ribbon - Salt Lake City


Sapele Custom Ribbon - Salt Lake City

Sepele field with custom-cut inlaid "ribbon" (wenge, movingui and Brazilian rosewood). The ribbon winds out of the foyer and down the hall through the center of the home.

This floor was recognized as Wood Floor of the Year by the National Wood Flooring Association.

Sarah's Walnut Herringbone - Salt Lake City 3 PHOTOS


Sarah's Walnut Herringbone - Salt Lake City

Walnut is naturally warm and inviting, while the herringbone pattern provides elements of both a contemporary space and traditional elegance.

2 1/4" x 14" select-grade walnut herringbone pattern.

Log End Floor


Log End Floor

Two years in the making, a truly custom masterpiece hand-fit and laid by owner Gary Barrus. Live-sawn white oak log ends featuring natural undulation, wood flour fill (using white oak flour) and minimal sanding/finishing contribute to a unique and beautiful floor unlikely to be reproduced by any other hardwood flooring company anywhere.

australian cypress


Mountain Home. Flaming Gorge, Utah.

The floor pictured has been repaired after a flood in the home and was refinished with a neutral stain and a low sheen Traffic finish. Better than new!
Photo: Mike Price